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Professional Best Brand Quality Halloween Party Makeup Face Paints

Source:Source:Shijiazhuang Ditiantai Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. Popularity:0Release Time:2017-09-27 17:26:18

When we plan to buy face paint,what factors will you consider? Quality,Easy wash or Wide Range of color Choose,etc,

Now here we "Shijiazhuang Ditiantai Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd "as one professional face paint manufacturer want to provide you some instructions for you Refer:

Use Instructions:

1. Before use, add a couple drops of water to activate the paint. Not too much water or the paint will be too thin and run. Mix it around until you create a nice creamy consistency.

2. To add glitter dust, you can simply lightly brush it over areas you have just painted, and it will stick to the paint.

Wash instructions:

Our face paint can be removed quickly and easily with a damp cloth, baby wipes or in extreme cases with make-up remover.


1. Test first and stop using if irritation occurs.

2. Pay carefully attention when using around eyes and lips.

3. Recommended for children above 3-year old.

4. Store it in a cool, dry area and out of direct sunlight.

Will these be helpful for you ? If you want to get more information of the Face Paint,Pls feel free to contact with us and we can have a communication.



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