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Sanya color zoo held 10 animal theme human body painting

Source:Source:Shijiazhuang Ditiantai Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. Popularity:0Release Time:2016-10-20 13:47:45

Songcheng Sanya tourist area color zoo will be held in January 10th animal theme of human body painting. Hainan windows on 8 January, Sanya zoo will be held in Songcheng Tourism District color animal theme in January 10th, dozens of body painting, with a perfect body of animal rights activists dressed as a tiger, leopard, zebra, giraffe, mermaid, peacock, black swan, flamingos by animal body painting, spread love, respect for life and the concept of human animal and animal harmony.

It is reported that the 10 day, dozens of animal lovers have a perfect body dressed as a tiger, leopard, zebra, giraffe, mermaid, peacock, black swan, flamingo animal in Sanya tourist area of Songcheng zoo color performances of animal imitation song and dance show through the body painting, and the wild animal zoo together, to attract more people understand and participate in the animal protection team.

The Sanya zoo is located in Sanya Songcheng color tourism area, the zoo has giraffe, alpacas, Coatimundi, dipsochelys dussumieri, kangaroo, squirrel monkeys, flamingo, red billed toucans, red and green macaws and other tropical animal, is a comprehensive set of garden ornamental animal zoo interaction, science education, animal protection and other features and functions as one of the visitors can fully experience to the human and animal close contact.

The Spring Festival this year, Sanya Songcheng tourism district will launch a new year Li Miao temple, Sanya winter visitors and friends can enjoy this wonderful "eternal love Sanya" performances and twenty arts show, experience tourist area of thick Li Miao spring atmosphere; Sanya wave wave water park will also usher in the opening before the Spring Festival, tourists they can also enjoy the wave wave water park feel jungle rafting, joy kiosk, through time and space, wandering across the mountain, beach goers, Yuanyang, slide, rainbow slide, Sanya horns and dozens of popular global water recreation. (in Yan Yan correspondent Han Xiaoru)

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